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SocialWellth Digital Health Curation Gateway

We designed the Curation Gateway from the ground up to enable developers and integrators to “connect with the consumer.”

Using our REST APIs, developers can quickly and cost effectively add application features to their new and/or their apps.

For systems integrators, our gateway easily integrates with any third party or IT system via a pluggable framework and securely exposes consumer health related activity data as a set of lightweight web services.

Key Gateway Capabilities

The SocialWellth Digital Health Curation Gateway is a collection of technology services and solutions that may be leveraged together with a health sponsor’s existing capabilities to provide a unified enterprise resolution to meet ever-changing market needs. These resolutions include:

mHealth Dashboard

The mHealth Dashboard provides a central home base for consumers to interact with their sponsors by participating in challenges while receiving personalized coaching and recommendations. All individualized apps and activities are managed in one location, and users can earn points that can be converted into currency.


The bWell Population Health Management is a starter set of balanced living apps that falls under our NCQA certification of HIP 1 and HIP 2 (equivalent to MEM1 and MEM2). bWell provides a multi-screen experience that evolves the member engagement model into one that is hyper-personalized, community-based, and persona-driven.