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“Transform how consumers connect and interact with their healthcare sponsors through the power of hyper-personalization & social engagement”

SocialWellth™ is a digital health optimization company, offering a curation gateway to enable Sponsors (health plans and self-insured employers) to connect and deliver best in breed healthcare and balanced living digital interventions.  Sponsors and third party health and wellness application providers can leverage the HIPAA-compliant, SocialWellth profile-driven marketplace gateway to swiftly deploy and scale their programs and health apps via the web or mobile network, creating trusted and engaging connections with consumers.  As Healthcare Sponsors continue with their efforts to prepare for a marketplace wherein consumers demand and expect tailored offerings and more choices, the SocialWellth digital health curation gateway provides Sponsors with a tremendous opportunity to harness the power of technology and social media to cocreate value and meet the needs of their members.

Building on the strengths and experiences of healthcare, technology, and the gaming industry, SocialWellth has demonstrated the power of harnessing consumer profile data into captivating relationships.  SocialWellth’s profile-driven, hyper-personalized Consumer Health Connection Network leverages social and health data, localized community resources, social media tools, and gamification to create a trusted connection between consumers and their healthcare sponsors.

Our gateway strategies and solutions have created a centralized hub enabling partners to integrate and aggregate disparate online and offline solutions into a compelling, magnetic experience, which in turn leads to sustainable achievements in day-to-day balanced living.