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“We believe that the digital health market must shift from passive digital health to prescriptive digital health curation if we are to achieve the great potential which lies ahead with Connected Consumers”

SocialWellth, a leader in consumer and prescriptive digital health, enables payers, providers, and employers by delivering a wide spectrum of white label experiences and facilitating a connected experience between members and their payers.  SocialWellth enables the curation of digital health experiences by leveraging mobile health technologies that allow for integration and aggregation of all digital assets, which improve the overall consumer experience.

The market is converging wherein Payers who proactively leverage the reach, trust and influence of their Provider network to facilitate and enable the Connected Patient Experiences will be better poised to achieve their Digital Health Engagement Goals. The addition of Happtique to SocialWellth’s existing offerings creates an essential link to the Provider community, connecting the entire care management continuum in what is truly a patient-centered connected experience model.