The Challenge

Healthcare sponsors are continually looking for solutions that engage consumers in a meaningful way beyond providing traditional “point solutions”. Moreover, payer- member interactions are mostly transactional in nature focused on eligibility, benefits, and claims.  Payers are seeking solutions to bring about a new consumer retail experience from the standpoint of opening up access using digital technologies.


The Opportunity

Digital technology and day-to-day life are consumed by social interactions. We believe that tremendous opportunity exists in helping healthcare sponsors address their needs towards consumer engagement using digital technology, embracing social movement and more importantly leveraging micro insights each into a one-to-one connection in a way that makes it much more relevant to our own experiences on a daily basis.


The Remedy

SocialWellth’s digital health curation gateway integrates and aggregates proprietary and third party digital interventions together into a user-friendly app marketplace dashboard.  Our vision of digital curation is all about pulling together, sifting through disparate data and artifacts, and uniquely positioning for presentation ‘Just in Time’ and delivering a compelling experience for end consumers.


Profile-driven app marketplace integrates and aggregates balanced living apps and delivers a unified experience for consumers.

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