Leveraging the power of quantified self, gaining actionable micro-insights and a deeper understanding of consumers’ unique needs, enables us to deliver a personalized, meaningful experience.


Our mConnections HUB integrates with disparate mHealth apps, wearable devices, and sensors to curate all consumer activities.  Select APIs are made available for both sponsor and developer use of the mConnections Hub.  With over 200 curated consumer centric mHealth apps, devices, sensors and more than 600 APIs we enable direct integration into 3rd party apps and experiences.  These APIs also enable consumers on 3rd party experiences to opt-in to push activity data to the mConnections Hub, retrieve incentives and contextualized health based information and take advantage of key platform features such as RX refills and gamification.


Our mSights recommendation engine interprets the data from the mConnection HUB and provides actionable feedback, and makes contextualized recommendations to consumers.  Ultimately, mSights delivers individually targeted assets, targeted content/messaging, and insightful recommendations.


Our mDashboard is a consumer-centric digital hub that provides a home base for consumers to engage with their healthcare sponsors and participate in challenges, incentives, coaching, and receive personalized and individual recommendations.  Each activity within the dashboard is capable of awarding incentive points to the consumer, which can be converted to currency through the digital wallet or through integration with plan sponsor programs.

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Healthcare Sponsors

Health Plans

For health plans passionate about consumer engagement, SocialWellth achieves this objective in a very unique way by bringing micro insights to life in a compelling experience for end consumers.  The mHealth Dashboard leverages the quantified self-movement, curates actionable insights to monitor and better understand consumers’ unique needs, and delivers personalized and meaningful experiences.

Retail Pharma

Leveraging our digital mHealth dashboard enables pharmacists establish a digital connection with their patients.  Linking powerful consumer data and insights strengthens major chain drug stores’ market position as customer-driven brands, improve acquisition and strengthen patient relations.


Accountable Care Organizations primary goal is to deliver and improve the quality of care. By utilizing behavioral science and integrating its principles into our program design, ACOs can leverage SocialWellth’s mHealth Dashboard to drive increased engagement, actionable lifestyle data and measurable behavior change.

For healthcare sponsors passionate about consumer engagement, SocialWellth achieves this desire in a unique way by bringing micro insights to life in a compelling experience for end consumers.